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Hello there, 👋🏽

The name's Leví. Emphasis on the i, and I'm a word geek.

Words, written or otherwise, are a cornerstone of great experiences, and (re)searching for the right words, turn of phrase, and call to action is how I live my professional life.

Check my work as a UX Writer, Storyteller and Copywriter here,👇🏽



I designed a mobile application that teaches users how to use Storytelling at work or school through gamified methods.


My experience implementing remote and in-person user feedback testing methods to validate a learning model.


My work on the content design, and narrative structure to re-imagine a course on coding and development tools.

Cover SAWA snip.png

While coordinating the renovation of a company's website, our team had to be resourceful to refresh the new site's copy.

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